SERBIA - National review, No 67 (300849)

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Godina izdanja: 2018 Šifra: 341502 Dostupno : DA Rok isporuke : 5 radnih dana Ovaj proizvod isporučujemo i van Srbije Obavesti me kada ovaj proizvod pojeftini.

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”We see that everything around is on fire, only the fire in the heart of a modern man is diminishing.” Some cold indifference, a blend of selfishness i dullness, spreads like a desert through the modern world and man. As if the people of today have forgotten he lesson of the Holy Fathers: ”Ours is only what we give to others.” And that neither international nor supranational is above national, but universal. And the universal can best be reached if we depart from the authentic, local. Our quest was again based on this old knowledge. What we have found – we will share with you. That which we have not found – we will continue to look for. <

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