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Radnim danima od 08h do 16h

All the masks seem to have fallen off. That is why everyone has to wear them now. The virus was almost defeated in the morning, and we were all defeated in the evening. This year, they say, the Serbian economy is the best in Europe, but it is standing in line for all grants from the East and West. And it borrows on all sides, relentlessly, as if it will never have to repay. A lot needs to be changed to keep everything the same. Amy and the crowd must not be left idle; they must always have something to do or something to gossip about. Machiavelli knew that back in the 15th century, so why should we be surprised today? We created a new issue of National Review. Step in. What you see is us, without a mask.

  • Kategorija : Magazini i strana štampa

  • Uvoznik : PRINCIP PRES

  • ISBN - EAN kod : 5582

  • Godina uvoza : 2021

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